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Chain conveyors

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What is a chain conveyors?

The bulk chain conveyor, which employs simple, rugged and robust technology, is the most compact of all existing carrying systems.

Whether single, double or multiple-chain, its conveying capabilities are impressive, with a product vein height of up to 8 times the height of the scraper. It is very often used for relatively lightweight products and has multiple applications. It is often installed under dust filters or to collect glowing ashes underneath boilers, or to carry wood chips. The type of chain used depends mainly on the product that is carried and the application. We generally find mechanical chains, forged chains, and for extreme applications, marine chains.

Our capacities:

  • Output: o Cereals up to 750m3/h
  • Casing section: o Trough width up to 1200mm
  • Length: o Up to 80 meters

Options :

  • ATEX
  • Multiple inputs and/or outputs.

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