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Our teams design, manufacture, configure, build, integrate and maintain all types of conveyors in most industrial sectors: from individual loads to bulk transfer. 

Through the expertise we have acquired over the years, we are able to satisfy the requirements of most business sectors and transfer skills and knowledge to new sectors.  

We operate in various sectors of activity



Based on the principle of the circular economy, the environmental and sustainable development economic sector has been growing steadily for the past twenty years.

This key sector is constantly changing and is one of SERVA’s priority development areas. 

The effluent treatment and wastewater management sector has trusted SERVA for more than thirty years, with a range of screw conveyors under filter presses and centrifuge collection screw. Our capacity to offer off-catalogue equipment means that we can provide very interesting customized installations as no two wastewater treatment plants are identical. 

Our capacity for innovation and our unmatched expertise are the solution to your most precise requirements and objectives.
We have since developed other solutions in the recycling sector, for plastics (bottles, film, polystyrene, etc.) , the glass sector (cullet, sand, crushed flat glass, etc.) , the domestic recycling sector, shredded waste (to be fed into sorting systems or storage collection).

We also provide support in the wood energy, Biogas and Biomass activity sectors.


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As a sector in full transition from fossil to renewable energy sources, it requires expertise, a high service rate and stringent maintainability.

There are many challenges: conversion of existing industrial sites, industrial pilots, new production and distribution plants for these new renewable energy sources, hydrogen, biomass, electricity, etc.

Other sites will use cogeneration and carbon offset solutions.
SERVA’s experience in the chemical and mineral industries means that it can satisfy the high demands of this sector with proven, high-quality and innovative systems.

We can handle complex installations and we have solutions for ATEX environments.

With our engineering experience, we can offer a wide range of customized conveyor solutions. Because of our size, we can provide flexible support and assistance from the pilot phase to industrial production. 

Chemical industry


Through our custom design solution, we can adapt to the characteristics of your products, whether they are abrasive, corrosive or hot. We develop our equipment to suit your products and your environment. 

During the design phase, consideration of the risk of the product becoming polluted by external factors, as well your installations being polluted by the product, is an essential criterion that defines the high degree of requirement of the proposed equipment.

From selecting the raw materials, to determining the type of seal and the mode of operation, we strive to comply with Health, Food and Explosives standards.

As the lifetime of equipment depends on how it is maintained, we offer means of access to sensitive components such as access platforms and jib cranes.

Our response team is trained in chemical risks, and we can assist you from the design to the installation and commissioning of your equipment.
Furthermore, if needed, we can monitor and maintain your equipment through periodic visits defined on a case-by-case basis.



Ce secteur économique permet d’alimenter en matière première l’ensemble de notre industrie nationale. C’est également un secteur exportateur notamment pour fournir les industries automobile, aéronautique, mécanique et sidérurgique européenne.

Cette activité est de plus en plus contrainte de s’adapter aux nouveaux enjeux de gestion de la ressource et problématique environnementale.

L’exploitation minière française figure parmi les leaders mondiaux d’extraction de talc et de réfractaires silico-alumineux.

Depuis plus de 50 ans nous accompagnons et développons les projets de manutention de ce secteur.

Nous avons la faculté de pouvoir traiter la manutention des différentes granulométries du micron au 200x200mm et prenant en compte les problématiques d’abrasion, d’étanchéité et de capabilité de vos équipements.

Ce secteur utilise toutes les fonctions de ce que nous pouvons apporter : extraction, transport, dosage, pesage et échantillonnage.

En fonction de vos contraintes de longueurs et granulométries implantations nous vous proposons des solutions adaptées au plus juste avec notre panel d’équipements vis d’Archimède, bande transporteuse, Bande à bords de contenance, élévateur à godets, convoyeur à chaîne sur mesure et totalement configurables puisqu’entièrement conçus, réalisés et montés par nos soins.

Paper & wood


Whether it is made from cellulose fibers (wood chips) or recycled paper, our teams can maintain or replace the equipment required for paper production. From extraction to transport, including the mixing and homogenization phases, we work actively to overhaul your screw shafts, irrespective of their:

  • Geometry (cylindrical, conical, with or without lining, etc.)
  • Material (steels, hard-faced steels, Stainless steel, specific steels, etc.)

We manufacture in accordance with original drawings or following on-site surveys by our technicians.

For more than 50 years, through openness and lessons learned from experience, we have developed and improved the reliability of your equipment, whether by replacement or by incorporating new equipment.
The synergy between our different departments (Design department, Manufacturing workshop and Assembly team) is a fundamental asset in designing your equipment, the primary objectives of which are to make your installations safe and maintainable.


From logging to wood processing, as chips, sawdust, pellets, SERVA provides support and guidance throughout the processing and utilization of this natural resource.
Through the diversity of our equipment, our expertise and our ability to adapt, we can cater for your needs and requirements.

Construction industry

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SERVA’s historical business sector covers cement works, concrete mixing plants, plastering, glue and rendering production factories, ceiling tiles, tile factories, brick factories, etc.

Our conveyors have been operating in these areas for several decades and many of them are still in use today. They are designed for conveying, extracting and dosing in very high productivity plants and often in continuous operation. Our expertise and experience in this area means that our products are ranked amongst the most reliable with the highest quality, while remaining extremely cost effective in terms of maintenance requirements.

Over the years, we have also refined our designs to reflect the needs of our customers and offer solutions for abrasion resistance, dynamic weighing by hopper weighing feedback.

We are a proactive and innovative company and provide support in your installation projects

Glass industry

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Manufacturing sector for flat products (windscreens, glass for the building industry) and bottles (transportation and sale of drinks). For a very long time, this sector has been based on the principle of the circular economy. This inherently energy-intensive sector, which has been challenged by the plastic industry over the last twenty years, is now experiencing a revival of interest.

With plastic pollution of the oceans and the suspicion of pollution of plastic micro particles in drinks, the traditional glass industry still has a clean and healthy image with its 78% recycling rate.

As with any sector that uses mineral and bulk materials from recycling (cullet), extraction, dosing and conveying are essential operations.
Requiring production resources that can be amortized in the long term, this business sector is very representative of our customers requiring high standards, reliability and robustness.

Based on our experience and expertise in the quarrying and cement industry, we can provide innovative and sustainable systems that are economically and ecologically beneficial in the long term.

Steel industry


The steel industry is one of the world’s most prominent economic sectors. Its products, which are the result of successive processes that transform the various ores to obtain steel slabs, are often transported by belt conveyors, which place great demands on the carrying systems, particularly due to their high abrasion rates and high outputs.

Improving the reliability and availability of production equipment is one of SERVA’s primary objectives.

To optimize transfer chutes between individual equipment and conveyors, we install removable guards with high wear resistance, made from rubber, chromium carbide-based hard-faced steel, or alumina ceramic armoring plates, thereby increasing service life and improving the reliability of the installations.

Pet food

Petfood serva

SERVA is actively working in the animal feed sector, extracting & dosing the different ingredients, with varying grain sizes and characteristics before weighing and mixing them.

SERVA provides its expertise through a broad range of equipment capable of satisfying everyone’s needs and can also design dedicated equipment for your business sector, which can be installed in your facilities and easily maintained.
We operate in the storage and extraction of raw materials (Big-bag, silo, buffer hopper, etc.) including filling your bagging machines or trucks.

Furthermore, our expertise in industrial foodstuff compatibility will provide you with equipment that complies with the latest standards and requirements of your sector.

Agro-food industry 


SERVA designs and manufactures a complete range of customized conveyors for the agro-food industry.

We provide assistance from the receipt of your raw materials, through sorting, dosing / weighing, transferring, mixing and packaging of your products. Effluents and co-products can also be treated by equipment with varying characteristics to obtain an optimized technical and economic combination.
Our installations can be integrated into high-precision dosing and metering systems, and they can also be used to homogenize mixtures of different products.

SERVA designs equipment with low retention levels that can be fitted with cleaning and rinsing systems where applicable. Our careful inspection and control of our supplies enable us to issue food-grade certificates to our customers, covering our sealing components in particular.

The equipment can be provided in different grades of steel based on a hierarchical analysis of your requirements (foodstuffs, hygienization, as well as corrosion and abrasion resistance).

We can also offer guidance in selecting the level of finish for your future equipment in accordance with your projects, from painted steel to electro-polished stainless steel.
We are fully aware of your requirements and for this reason, we provide a wide range of high-quality services.

We provide assistance with all your grain and powder conveying problems (sugar, carbonates, starch, etc.)


Secteur d’activité historique de SERVA composé de cimenteries, de centrales à béton, de plâtreries, d’usines de fabrication de colles et d’enduits, dalles de plafonds, tuileries, briqueteries….

Nos convoyeurs y sont implantés depuis plusieurs décennies et encore en service pour bon nombre d’entre eux. Ils sont dimensionnés pour le convoyage, l’extraction et le dosage dans des unités à très haute productivité et souvent en fonctionnement en feu continu. Notre savoir-faire dans ce domaine place nos produits parmi les plus fiables et qualitatifs tout en restant dans un coût d’exploitation faible au regard de leur besoin de maintenance.

Nous avons également affiné au fil des années nos conceptions pour suivre les besoins de notre clientèle et proposer des solutions de résistance à l’abrasion, de pesage dynamique par retour de pesée trémie.

Nous sommes force de proposition et vous accompagnons dans vos projets de l’implantation au montage et mise en service si besoin.


Serva travaille activement dans le domaine de l’alimentation animale, Extraire & Doser les différents ingrédients, avec des granulométries et des caractéristiques avant de les peser puis les mélanger.

Serva apporte son expertise grâce à sa gamme complète d’équipement capable de répondre aux besoins de chacun et vous apporte également la conception d’équipements dédiés à votre métier qui pourra s’implanter dans vos installations et être facilement maintenu.

Nous intervenons dans le stockage et l’extraction dosage des matières premières (Big-bag, silo, trémie tampon…) jusqu’à l’alimentation de vos ensacheuses ou remplissage camions.

De plus notre savoir-faire dans le domaine de l’alimentarité industrielle vous permettra de disposer d’équipements répondant aux dernières normes et exigences de votre secteur.


Le process de la sucrerie est complexe, Serva travaille tout au long de la chaine depuis l’alimentation en betteraves récoltées, les cosettes, le traitement des pulpes humides et sèches
Et bien entendu de l’élaboration du sucre jusqu’au conditionnement.

Notre gamme complète constituée de convoyeurs à vis, élévateurs à godets, transporteurs à bandes et transporteurs à chaine permet de trouver la meilleur solution de convoyage en fonction des très nombreuses exigences des projets  en industrie sucrière (résistance à la corrosion, alimentarité, contraintes ATEX, implantation complexe dans des sites industriels séculaires.)