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Bucket elevators

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What is a bucket elevators?

The use of bucket elevators for mechanical vertical transport of bulk products is now an essential part of the production process for many industries.

With a simple and rugged design, they are widely used on cereal sites, particularly for loading silos. With a more technical design, they are also used in other industrial sectors, from elevating powder products to higher-grade ores. SERVA must carry out an in-depth technical study for each quotation, to provide the best possible design definition for your elevator in consideration of all the parameters and constraints. The design is adapted to suit each product and we can provide belt bucket elevators, as well as single or double mechanical, forged or marine chain bucket elevators. Even if we have a design preference for double tubular casings, which have many advantages, especially in terms of structural strength, we develop all types of casings, whether they are single-casing or twin rectangular casings. Our capacities:

Our capacities:

  • Mineral up to 300t/h
  • Wood chips up to 300m3/h
  • Cereals up to 750m3/h
  • Grain size: Mineral up to 150mm
  • Height: Up to 75 meters

Possible discharge types:

  • Positive discharge
  • Gravity discharge
  • Combined discharge
  • Centrifugal

Options :

  • ATEX
  • Optimized discharging foot with reduced retention for food products
  • Casing with reduced clogging area