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Design department

	Design department
Each SERVA product is designed to dovetail perfectly with today's specific requirements, and also to limit maintenance costs.

The specific SERVA equipment made to specifications thus meets twin constraints: the equipment designed is both operational and long-lasting.

Whether the projects cover design work on new conveying equipment or reconfiguration of an existing conveyor, our design department can meet all needs with considerable flexibility, to guarantee overall equipment efficiency.

Seeking the best solution with you is an endless passion!
	Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance of a bulk product carrying system requires expertise and intervention at short notice to limit production chain downtime. Our teams work on the sites, either to provide preventive maintenance and thus ensure correct equipment operation, or to make repairs in the event of a malfunction.

SERVA can also provide you with repair services and made-to-measure spare parts for your existing conveyors.

We provide maintenance and part replacement services on equipment made in our factory, and also on existing equipment from other manufacturers.

Subcontracting your conveyors under a generic trademark

Our teams work regularly as direct suppliers or as subcontractors, under a generic trademark or not, as the customers prefer. Thanks to its considerable flexibility, SERVA is able to provide solutions that meet all your requirements.

As we form part of the Lambert network, we can provide overall solutions to cover your requirements: mechanical welding, sheet metalwork, machining, laser cutting, shot peening, finishing paint in liquid or powder form, etc.

This network logic enables you to access a full design and manufacturing process via a single contact!
	Montage de vos convoyeurs sur site

Turnkey services

Following manufacture of your conveying equipment in our factory, SERVA can provide you with turnkey delivery and on-site assembly services.

We can deal with transport to the site, and then assemble and commission the installation. We can also provide our expertise after assembly of our equipment by other firms, to validate the installation before it is put into service.

For deliveries outside France, our services can include delivery on the industrial site. The assembly work is not often envisaged, because of the distances involved and the resulting costs.
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