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2/5. Belt conveyors

Convoyeur à bande

Your conveyor design

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Your conveyor design
Belt conveyors constitute an essential and economical item of transfer equipment on continuous production lines. They are very widely used in mining, the steelmaking industry and the coal industry in particular.

Our belt conveyors are well suited for carrying bulk loads over long distances, in straight or curved sections, without any breaks in load or transfer equipment. This type of installation enables stable conveying of bulk materials and can hence be used over longer distances. Belt conveyors also have the advantage of being fairly quiet. Because of their simple structures, belt conveyors are easy to service and only entail low maintenance costs.

Our range of belt conveyors is fully modular, to tie in with your planned applications. The belt materials and types, together with the lengths and widths, are determined by our design department, to make sure your equipment is the most productive and the best suited to the application context and the materials carried.

Download the brochure

Download the brochure
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General technical characteristics

Belt conveyors are made up of a continuous belt, of varying widths, driven and supported by motorized pulleys, a drum and a return roller. The travel of a belt conveyor can be horizontal, ascending or descending. It can also be straight or feature curves.

Our design department can examine your project in considerable detail, to offer equipment that is fully suited to your technical and financial expectations, and hence ensure overall process efficiency.

Possible options and variants:

  • The belt can feature V-shaped strips to further stabilize the products carried
  • There can be several inlets and outlets
  • Various slopes
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Adjustable scraper

Belt conveyors are to be found in waste water treatment plants, and also in the waste sorting and treatment industries, together with transport of ores and aggregates.
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